Mastering Node.js: Building Scalable Web Applications

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The Mastering Node.js: Building Scalable Web Applications course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a proficient Node.js developer capable of building robust and scalable web applications. Whether you


1-Introduction to Node.js

Overview of Node.js and its features

Understanding the event-driven, non-blocking architecture

Installing Node.js and setting up the development environment

Core Concepts of Node.js

 2-Building Web Applications with Node.js

Creating a basic web server using the built-in HTTP module

Routing and handling HTTP requests and responses

Rendering dynamic content and working with templates

Intorduction to Express.js Framework 

3-Introduction to Express.js and its features

Building web applications using Express.js

Middleware concepts and usage

Creating routes and handling HTTP requests

Defining route parameters and handling dynamic URLs

Parsing request data (query parameters, request body, headers)

Sending different types of responses (HTML, JSON, files)

Error handling and setting response status codes 


Eman Fathi

Eman Fathi


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 Let's dive into the exciting world of JavaScript programming together! With my 17 years of teaching experience ,I'll guide you towards success. Join me on this educational journey and unlock your full potential!

I have 17 years of teaching experience. I have many certifications in programming such as
Certified Application Security Engineer .NET , Nodejs Services Development

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Mastering Node.js: Building Scalable Web Applications

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